New York Times Crossword September 5 2020 Puzzle

Updated on September 5 2020 03:00

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Kind of rule
A as in Atlantic City?
Athletic trainer's supply
Gets a hard look (at)
Heaven, with "the"
Source of the brachiocephalic trunk
One knife in a knife collection
Things that can be cracked
Lamborghini alternative
Form of crowdfunding
Parts of Polynésie française
"___ inside" (convenience store sign)
Olympic pursuit
Gilbert and Sullivan's "glorious thing to be"
It contains many numbers
Impersonate on Halloween
Some slapstick props
Terrible on opening weekend, say
Work with a needle, informally
Amazon deterrent
Message that basically tells you to get a life?
Big earner at a business
Stop at
Word that's also a diminutive suffix
"___ absolute mess"
Client's company contact, informally
Grew a spine
Celebrity chef Paula
Solar ___
Something you shouldn't do in an art museum
See 48-Across
Calves come from them
Picks, in football: Abbr.
Option for expressing grievances
"Watch your ___!" (response to 52-Across)
Polonium was named for her homeland, Poland, in 1898
Fall sound
Laugh it off, say
Playwright Fugard
"Pretty worm of Nilus," in Shakespeare
Not-so-hard pill to swallow
Curve together loosely, as one's hands
Suffix with form
Doctor's approach
Spot at a movie theater
One going through cyclic ups and downs?
Palindromic woman's name
Country singer/songwriter Tillis
New York football team, to fans
Roman foeman
"Glorify ___ Name" (church chorus)
Dice, in slang
Outburst of complete exhaustion
Stopping point?
Some tandoori fare
"Not finished yet ..."
Lead-in to -nomic
Part of Kamala Harris's ancestry
Opposite of very