New York Times Crossword September 4 2020 Puzzle

Updated on September 4 2020 03:00

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___TV (WarnerMedia channel)
Main ingredient in a hurricane cocktail
DVR manufacturer
Wedding dress that's often red
Counts' counterparts
Expensive beer chaser?
Dance seen in 2-Down
Letters typed with the right ring finger
Way off
Underwear brand
In a mean way?
Doesn't move another inch
Hoot and holler
Hockey face-off site
A bit crazy
Going away
Very big
Brightest star in Lyra
One of about 500 million needed to fill an Olympic swimming pool
She took a seat to take a stand
Movie mall cop
Rating for "Full House"
___ prima (painting technique)
It is avoided while playing it
Vacation destination
Like the families portrayed on "Gilmore Girls" and "Full House"
Less bright
"Oh What a Circus" musical
Nutritious breakfast cereal
Seat of Washoe County
High-level criminal?
Juul, e.g., informally
Vacation destination
Easternmost point of the Silk Road
___ Shay, Grammy-winning country duo
Puget Sound predators
Largest order of animals on earth, with over 350,000 species
Athlete in the N.B.A.'s Southwest Div.
They might come in saucers, for short
"Hold your horses!"
"I got this!"
Congresswoman who said "I want to be remembered as the only woman who ever voted to give women the right to vote"
Golden ___ (vanilla-flavored snack)
Vanilla-flavored drink
Year, in Portuguese
First winner of the Nebula Award for Best Novel, 1965
Sleep inits.
Drink that may contain aspartame
Land east of the Eastern Desert
Many June celebrants
128 oz.
___ class (provider of an aerobic workout)
In deep water
Trucker's tracker
What a lock on a bridge can symbolize
Nobel Prize winner whose name should ring a bell?
Adele or Ed Sheeran
Theater section
Meme you've seen a thousand times, maybe