New York Times Crossword September 4 2018 Puzzle

Updated on September 4 2018 05:00

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___ panel (rooftop installation)
___ Lama
___ Claire, Wis
[Over here!]
You love: Lat
Words before 'old chap'
Word spoken before and after 'James'
Without bias
Wiped out, as while skateboarding
When Pac-Man and Rubik's Cube were popular ... or a phonetic hint for 17-, 23-, 37- and 48-Across
Wall St. debut
Vote in favor
Vampire's telltale sign
The idea that matter is composed of small, distinct components
Star athlete, for short
Sporty Pontiacs of old
Soccer star Mia
Snub-nosed dog
Snowman of song who's 'a jolly, happy soul'
Show with many notable alums
Sheds a ___ (24-Down)
Severe but short, as an illness
Seniors' org
Seize forcibly
Secure, as a ship
Sauna sight
Rockne of Notre Dame fame
Retouch a base after a fly-out
Respond to a stimulus
Reject, as a lover
Pop music's Hall & ___
Polite refusal
Pepsi, e.g
Paving goo
Pair of skivvies?
One laying an egg
One involved with a grand opening?
Network showing 'Suits' and 'Mr. Robot'
Nascar additive
Musical Page
Late playwright Simon
Just the way you see me
Italy, to Germany, in W.W. II
In unison
Hoity-toity sort
Hesitant speech sounds
Gets emotional at a wedding, maybe
Film critic Roger
Enthused about
Earthen pot
Double agent
Department store that once famously put out catalogs
Coped, barely
Common taxi destination
Capital due north of the northern tip of Denmark
Big department store in a mall, e.g
Beef cut
Actress Thurman
A lot of it is junk
'You should know better!'
'You can say that again!'
'Whether ___ nobler ...'
'What's ___ for me?'
'Right now!,' to a surgeon
'Now I see!'
'Morning Edition' airer
'Gotta go!'