New York Times Crossword September 17 2020 Puzzle

Updated on September 17 2020 03:00

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Verbal shrug
Elizabeth Warren, ___ Herring
Charitable giving
Artist given the derisive nickname "Avida Dollars," an anagram of his full name
Be lousy (with)
Place for an icon in church
Sneaky look
Scottish isle connected by road bridge to the mainland in the 1990s
Totals: Abbr.
Housekeeping 101
For argument's sake
Drink suffix
Prepare runny, as an egg
Midwest tribe
Guy friends, in slang
Chain where you can buy wet or dry food
Spring month in Paris
Meas. equal to 180°/pi
Avoid commitment
Small glass container
Carne ___
Lunar phenomenon
Muscle-to-bone connector
No-fault rulings at court?
Middle finger, with "the"
They work as a team
Gluten-free noodle variety
Financial incentive for an executive to stay at a company
Kuwait is a member of it, in brief
Key under a tilde
Major Nashville landmark
Subcontracted, with "out"
George's lyricist brother
Newswoman Kotb
Become more relaxed
Kind of disease with a telltale bull's-eye rash
Just squeeze (out)
"Get what I'm talkin' about?"
"F," on a form
Like the browser windows of a multitasker
Thoughtless sender of emails?
Section of the Chipotle menu
Absorbed, as a loss
Many a craft beer
Food item whose name is derived from a comic strip
... with a hint to four pairs of answers in this puzzle
Starts to de-camp?
Tributary of the Potomac
In-flight announcement, for short?
Held up
Garden pest
Supposed crop circle makers, for short
Nonclotting blood component
Music holder before cloud storage
Rx dosages: Abbr.
Third word of many a limerick
Superfan of a certain 2010s pop star
Pop-up generator
About 600 million viewers watched its pilot in 1969
Cry and cry
It's a wrap
Savings bank, informally