New York Times Crossword September 14 2020 Puzzle

Updated on September 14 2020 00:00

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Mine cart contents
Very close pal, informally
Something an informant might wear
Something "in the hand" that's "worth two in the bush"
Bangkok native
Mallorca, e.g.
Book of maps
Do, as a crossword
Jeans brand popular in the 1980s
"Can I get a volunteer? Somebody ...?"
Sent to another team
Gridiron scores, for short
What good movie trailers do
Lump of chewing gum
Be in debt
A narcissist has a big one
Singer Urban
"Tiny" Dickens boy
How a person might feel after being passed over for a promotion
Green-fleshed fruit
French for "here"
Italian for "seven"
Big shot, for short
Porker's quarters
"Nevertheless, ___ persisted"
Three-time Pro Bowler ___ Beckham Jr.
Physicist Enrico after whom element #100 is named
Two-___ toilet paper
Home of Carson City: Abbr.
Item with cross hairs
Gala giveaways
Morrison who wrote "Beloved"
Part of a window blind
Best of the best
SiriusXM medium
Kitchen gizmo for flour
"People are saying ..."
Genesis garden
Gave a meal to
Gambling mecca north of Carson City
Stage before metamorphosis
At no cost
Nuptial exchange
Helper in conning
Sources of much spam
Comes out ahead in either case ... as exemplified by 19-, 29-, 36- and 44-Across?
Genetic material
Precollege exam
Two-___ sword
Greek I's
Number of minutes on hold before getting a customer representative
Container at a beer bash
One that gives a hoot?
Ballot for candidates of more than one party
"You there!"
Prefix often associated with green
"Hold your horses!"
Start of a tennis rally
Not quite right
Female deer
Frozen H2O
Major-league team from the Motor City
Sin often associated with green
Lamented Princess of Wales
Riddled (with)
Logs, for a fire
Make legal
Mayberry boy of 1960s TV
Fig. of total economic output
Takes a breather
Insect that builds a paper nest