New York Times Crossword September 10 2018 Puzzle

Updated on September 10 2018 02:00

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___ the Explorer
Zero-tariff policy
Work's opposite
With 45-Across, savory topping found in tubs ... and the circled squares?
With 39-Down, last words in many an old movie
Wide-mouthed jugs
Where parishioners sit
Where flowers and oysters grow
When repeated, gets specific, as an informer
Wearer of stripes on a court, informally
Was a passenger
Waldorf salad ingredient
Use as a dinner table
Throat part
The 'F' of R.A.F
Sugar, e.g
Sticker that says who you are
Slangy ending for 'any'
Six-sided game piece
Shaggy grazer
See 28-Across
See 25-Across
Secondary building
Sand ridge
Retrieves, as baseballs
Pen filler
Part of the body that crunches work
Org. overseeing airports
Orders (around)
Only three-letter zodiac sign
Oil ___ (gulf sight)
Moved out of the way
Mosque toppers
Mideast bigwig
Like brand-new clothing
Last part of U.R.I.'s URL
Kitten's sound
Item in a tackle box
Includes in an email
Iced tea brand in a bottle
Human rights advocate Jagger
Happened to
Guinness world record holder for longest live weather report
Grp. making after-work plans?
Grape or watermelon plant
Feeling good to wear, say
Far from certain
ExxonMobil product
Dreadlocks wearer, informally
Device to remove water from a ship
Complete lack of wind, as at sea
Chooses, with 'for'
Bursting stars
Bowled over
Bit of voodoo
Beginning blossoms
Began, as a voyage
Back's opposite
Alternative to an S.U.V
Aged fairy tale character
Acknowledges applause, maybe
'Where there's ___, there's hope'
'Well, obviously!'
'We're number ___!'
'Start working!'
'Oh, puh-leeze!'
'O Canada,' for Canada
'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' actor