New York Times Crossword October 8 2019 Puzzle

Updated on October 8 2019 03:00

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Campaign-funding grp.
One in line at an airport
___ Lilly (pharmaceutical giant)
Org. offering member instruction, of course!
Disaster relief org.
Not yours
Long-term security, for short
Early German
Other half
Cellist at Obama's first inauguration
Islamic law based on the Quran
Chicago airport code
Like some job training
What a Möbius strip has
Tea variety
Isn't totally straight with
"___ Montana"
"The Chronic" rapper, informally
Vietnam neighbor
It turns up at the edge of a plane
"Murder on the Orient Express" detective
Puts through a cruel initiation
Beethoven's "___" Symphony
Many a Gilbert and Sullivan work
Before, to a bard
The "x" or "y" in 2x 3y = 15
Sinister look
Fix, as text
Cries meaning "How cu-u-ute!"
Las ___, Canary Islands
The "E" in HOMES
Many a pres. candidate
Speaker booster
Kathy with the #1 country hit "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses"
Underdog's feats
Battle of Normandy locale
Plaint during shearing
"Are not!" comeback
Archery asset
Entertainers Miller and Close
Give the heebie-jeebies
Sentence ender
"___ got it!"
Back, in a boat
Repeated lyric in a 1987 Michael Jackson #1 hit
"Fingers crossed ..."
First extra inning
"Buen ___" (Spanish greeting)
Utter, biblically
Alternatives to Levi's
___ Taylor (clothing chain)
Note between fa and la
Items guided by brooms in the Winter Olympics ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme
Lotion additive
After all expenses
Translation of "je suis" or "yo soy"
Letter-shaped girder
It's not everything, per a saying
Local govt. official
Employee of the Month, e.g.
Artist Matisse
Skirt's edge
Info on an airline website, for short
Looked hard (at)
Spray-painting tools
Mark who won the 1998 Masters
Like most sushi fish
Remove the peel from
Supposed makers of Keebler cookies
Air-quality org.
Home squatters?