New York Times Crossword October 5 2018 Puzzle

Updated on October 5 2018 05:00

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Young 'un
You might use it in dressing
Will go ahead as planned
Waiting to come out
Vulcan telepathy technique
Verizon acquisition of 2015
V.I.P. section?
U.S.'s first so-called 'Public Enemy No. 1'
Travel (about)
Time, proverbially
State bird whose name sounds like its call
Start of a subj. line
Some camping gear
Series finale
Seemingly spontaneous gathering
Seed case
Salon supply
Salinger title teen
Roger ___, fifth chief justice of the Supreme Court
Purple-blue shade or the flower it's named after
Protector of the heart
Props for a Broadway play?
Place for a shrine
Perfumery measure
Pecorino Romano source
One who's got game ... but shouldn't
Of the flock
Not quite keep up
Newsroom concern
More than just won
Military leader known for being chicken?
Medieval weapon
Lose it, with 'out'
Looney Tunes's Speedy Gonzales, e.g
Like a kid in a candy store, e.g
Like a code anyone can use
LAX to ORD or JFK: Abbr
Krugerrand, e.g
King maker
Kind of trap
Jazzy style
It's where it's at
It may precede second thoughts
Honey bunch?
Held in contempt
Get a lode of these!
Fiddled (with)
Exclamation appropriate for 1-Across
Eastern rival
Dark suit
Dance move of the 2010s
Crux of 'The Crucible'
Court equipment
Cargo area
Bucks, e.g
Bring to the boiling point
Actress Jessica
'Take this ...'
'Fore!,' for one
'Family Ties' mother