New York Times Crossword October 4 2018 Puzzle

Updated on October 4 2018 04:00

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___ acid
Wipe away
Wind instrument
Unused to
Under restraint
Thus far
This and that
Swinger's club
Stone-cold cinch
Stick in the fire?
Southern, and then some
Soccer striker's jersey number, traditionally
Seven-time All-Star Dave, who pitched for the Toronto Blue Jays
Server load?
Senator Kaine of Virginia
Rush order
Put in a hold
Pride Month inits
Phone tapping targets?
Penlight powerers, often
Pacific Northwest hub, informally
Org. defending 1-Across rights
Online handicrafts marketplace
Off! ingredient
Occupy, as a table
Notable times
Minor player, metaphorically
Main connections, of a sort
Long nap?
Like a blank stare
It might pop out of a kid's mouth
Ingredient in some cocktails ... or a hint to the last words in 17-, 23-, 32-, 43- and 48-Across
Indian lentil dish
High Sierra runner
High shots
Herb with 'sweet' and 'holy' varieties
Heavy metal band whose name is a euphemism for 'Jesus Christ!'
Greatest extent
Great Society prez
Gospel with the Prodigal Son parable
Going rates?
Flabbergasted feeling
Female swans
Fashion designer whose namesake brand features a rhinoceros in its logo
Evil, in Laval
Eponymous regatta-winning yacht of 1851
Epitome of gentleness
Comedian Costello
Choice A for Hamlet
Carefully explained
Calculus calculation
Benjamin Netanyahu's nickname
Before this time
Audit expert, for short
At full speed
An official language of New Zealand
Actress Dobrev of 'The Vampire Diaries'
2014 movie musical starring Quvenzhané Wallis
1930s vice president John ___ Garner
'Well, what have we here?!'
'We deliver for you' org
'To ...' things
'This is probably dumb but I'm doing it anyway' hashtag
'My word!'
'Count me in!'