New York Times Crossword October 3 2018 Puzzle

Updated on October 3 2018 05:00

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Year abroad
Writer Beattie
Where a river meets the sea
Where 63-Across ruled prior to her banishment
Vain queen who boasted that she was more beautiful than 18-Across
Utah's ___ Canyon
Tuna type
Train stop
Took gold
The challengers
Tear in two
Sit quietly, perhaps
Shortening brand
Sea nymphs, in Greek mythology
Sailor's quaff
Roof feature
Roald who wrote 'James and the Giant Peach'
Rank for Jay Landsman on 'The Wire': Abbr
Purplish-red flowers
Prince George, to Prince William
Presidential perk until 1977
Place to play musical spoons
One end of a maze
Office note
Object of worship
Norm: Abbr
Nonhumanities subjects, for short
Munch Museum city
Muckraker Tarbell
Moves like a heron
Long, thin mushroom
Locales for many food courts
Like Edward Snowden
Like Brutalist architecture
Like a dog on a walk, usually
Lab work
It ebbs and flows
Herd at Yellowstone
Had by heart
Guessing a number an audience member has thought of, e.g
God who banished 63-Across to the sky, as depicted by the constellation formed by the X's in this puzzle's finished grid
Gobble down
Gives comfort
Gets ready to play hockey, with 'up'
Generation ___
Garden dividers
Football field marking
English novelist McEwan
Director Van Sant
Checks for a fracture, perhaps
Check closely
Chasers in many a chase scene
Certain operating system
Cereal fruit
Big factor in longevity
Base ___
Annual Austin festival, for short
An American abroad
Alexander who wrote 'The Dunciad'
Actor Epps
1,000 in a metric ton
'She' responds to voice commands
'Go, team!'
'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' musical
'Das Kapital' author