New York Times Crossword October 24 2018 Puzzle

Updated on October 24 2018 04:00

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___ Xing
___ pro nobis
Zoning unit
Your: Fr
Where you may be going nowhere fast
What inmates do until they're released
Warty creature
Unruly head of hair
Tiny bits of work
Teléfono greeting
Squeeze (out)
Some N.F.L. highlights
Shade of green
Secret DC headquarters
Ring around a watch face
Releases, as new music
Reid of 'American Pie'
R&B trio Bell Biv ___
Pioneer in commercial spaceflight
Perch for a bouncing baby
Original airer of 'The Office'
One of a famous seafaring trio
Noted piranha habitat
Not together
Mujer's boys
Most welcoming
More bananas
Loosened, as laces
Like seven teams in the N.H.L
Like mud
Like many chicken cutlets
Lawn order
Launched a tech start-up?
It's off the beaten path
It's black and white and wet all over
It may be found between 'here' and 'there'
Internet nuisance ... or a hint to four answers in this puzzle
Got ready to sing the national anthem
French word on some wedding announcements
Finish second at the track
Fictional African kingdom in 'Coming to America'
Fashion mag suggestions, in two senses
Epic quest
Discuss, as an issue
Crop in a paddy
Crateful from Florida
Classic strategy in the boxing ring
China's ___ Zedong
Bygone Nair rival
Burgundy or claret
Bubble gum brand
Bowlful next to a restaurant cash register
Bit of news in the W.S.J
Birthstone for most Leos
Better than expected
Author LeShan
Ancient relative of a flute
'The Star-Spangled Banner,' basically
'How tragic'
'How cool!'
'Golden' song
'Do you have two fives for ___?'