New York Times Crossword October 23 2019 Puzzle

Updated on October 23 2019 03:00

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"Fire away!"
State of Japan
Letters in front of an alias
Locking block
Chapters in history
Barely defeats
Small, round and shiny
Gave credit to
Author Ferrante
Like Easter eggs
So far
___ Caovilla (brand of high-end women's shoes)
Serving of sole
Luges, e.g.
Top scout
Title with a tilde
Nonhuman Twitter account
Prefix with fauna
Fishy sandwich
David Lynch's first feature film
Adler who outwitted Sherlock Holmes
Wandered aimlessly
___ MacKenzie, beer mascot of the 1980s
Move to the side
Complicated, as a breakup
Fell for
Home of Chanel and Cartier
Many a person once trapped behind the Iron Curtain
Naproxen brand
Wine specialty of the Douro Valley
"___ reflection ..."
From New Guinea
The T. rex in "Jurassic Park" and others
Do background checks on
Certain early "astronaut"
Good cheer
Horizontal line on a chessboard
Vacuum inventor James
Wanders aimlessly
Grinds (out)
Largest city of Palestine
Knot again
Roman writer who came to a bad end by 20-Across
Speaker of a language that has both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets
Cabinet title: Abbr.
See 28-Across
1 to 10, say
Judas's question
___ Cassady, traveling companion of Jack Kerouac
See 28-Across
City SE of Plumas National Forest
What WD-40 has a lot of
Like a superfan
Cricket segments
Short shot
With 41- and 48-Across, what 56-Across declared while approaching the eruption of 20-Across
One with a handler
Broadcaster of the X Games
Petite Grande
Famous erupter of A.D. 79
Prey of Arctic wolves
Targets of some facial cleansers
Legendary source of large footprints
Lineup at the polls
Speed skater Ohno
Start, as an investigation
Many a phone call from one's own area code, nowadays
Jitter juice