New York Times Crossword October 11 2019 Puzzle

Updated on October 11 2019 03:00

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Queen of she-baa?
Things in airport windows, for short
Prepare a plate, in a way
Wrench handle?
1944 Gene Tierney classic
Parts of soap dispensers
___ value
Toyota sedan since 1994
Member of a holy trinity
"We can't joke about this yet?"
Place for a TV and books
Furniture that's often backless
Works during a painter's blue period?
___ Reese, soldier in "The Terminator"
Certain laundry load
What mud can do
Tiptoed past, say
___ Johnson a.k.a. The Rock
Enter quickly
Longtime Sacha Baron Cohen character
Sites for some mics
Harris who sang with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt
Lab assistant, maybe?
Buck in the jukebox
Movable type?
Billionaire who lent his name to a stadium on New York's Randalls Island
Minor player
Jules et Jim, e.g.
Who once wrote "Nothing is less important than which fork you use"
Like Beijing
Something a kindergartner doesn't want to get
Coca-Cola offering from 1974 to 2001
Old gaming inits.
Most balanced
Amazon worker
Otter's lair
Like apartment buildings with fireplaces and hardwood floors, typically
Coy comeback
Give someone a hand
Matador's cape
Sugar substitute
In keeping with tradition
"The nerve!"
Not be oneself, but rather be one's elf?
"The ___ of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice": M.L.K.
Version before a stable release
What often follows thunder and lightning
1982 Soft Cell hit that spent 43 weeks on the Billboard charts
1870s tax evasion scandal
Response to the peanut gallery
Persian defense org.?
Queen ___ (nickname in pop music)
Concludes neatly
Appellation akin to "tiger," "sport" or "champ"
Color the old-fashioned way
Parvenues with a certain je ne sais quoi
Small handful
"Let's do it!"
Sight in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Thurman of "Kill Bill"
Kidspeak animal mentioned in the first line of "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"
Locale of the Campo de' Fiori
Come together
San Fernando Valley community
Presenters' presenters, informally