New York Times Crossword October 11 2018 Puzzle

Updated on October 11 2018 05:00

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___ Sea, body of water between Sicily and Greece
___ sauce
___ Lingus
___ Fox
Wrist attachment
Visibly take offense
Upper body muscles, for short
Tyler of 'The Lord of the Rings'
State flowers of Rhode Island, Illinois and New Jersey
Start of a reminiscence
Sign at some beaches
She helped Theseus navigate the Labyrinth
Seaside sculpture, say
Scale awkwardly, with 'up'
Salad green
Result of imperfect service
Pulitzer Prize winner for 'A Death in the Family'
Producer of rain
Precursor to IMAX
Potus #36
Posting on an office bulletin board
Picking out of a lineup, e.g
Payments made with a wink, maybe
Ones making passing judgments, for short?
One choice in a party game
Not pay taxes by mail
Mix in
Mantelpiece, e.g
Make out
Letters for college applicants
Lamb in literature
Keeps in the loop, in a way
Journalist in a military unit
James who sang 'At last, my love has come along ...'
Its capital is Abu Dhabi, for short
Home pages?
Headwear in a Prince hit
Govt. agency that combats smuggling
Go downhill fast
Give recognition
Genre at the Grammys
Flow away from the shore
First name in 'The Godfather'
Facility at Quantico
Enthusiastically gonna
Easter supply
Dress style
Donald Duck's nephews, e.g
Didn't delete
Darn, e.g
Company in the book 'Console Wars'
Collections of patches, say
Colleague of Mary, Murray and Lou on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
Co-workers of M.D.s
Climber's challenge
Chess piece
Car named after an automotive competition
Burgers and fries, typically
Be in bad shape
Bathtub item
Award from the American Theater Wing
Application for the Mr. Universe contest?
Apartment type
Annual event to support breast cancer awareness ... or a hint to answering 16-, 22-, 24-, 35-, 53- and 55-Across
Animated Princess of Power
Activity for many a senior
'I'm Down' vis-à-vis 'Help!'