New York Times Crossword October 10 2019 Puzzle

Updated on October 10 2019 03:00

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Shawn Corey Carter ___ Jay-Z
Mango's center
"Let's get ___!"
Bring home, as a runner
Gnats, rats and brats
Master, in Hindi
Parent company of Athleta and Old Navy
CPR givers
Certain leathercrafter
Long Island community bordering Oyster Bay
Down Under jumpers, informally
Beauty supply chain
Long-running series whose lead role was Lt. Horatio Caine
Brit's afternoon refreshment
Aids in getting drunk fast
Sister of Helios and Selene
Colorful aquarium swimmer
Blue-bottled vodka brand
Banda ___ (2004 Indonesian tsunami site)
Michael of "Weekend Update" on "S.N.L."
Metaphor for indebtedness
Pummels with paintballs, say
Last two words of John Lennon's "Imagine"
Like scenes in Grant Wood paintings
Jane or John, in unsolved cases
Sellers on Etsy, e.g.
Online shopping icon
Cuzco residents
Cry of horror, quaintly
Berth place
Aid for prospective homeowners
Opposite of builders
Sound system?
Exam with two logical reasoning sects.
Suede feature
Get moving
Pulitzer-winning James
Nickname in 1950s politics
Before it's too late
Apnea-treating M.D.s
Requirement after a surgery, perhaps
Authors of many sch. textbooks
Part of I.P.A.
"Are you blind, ref?!"
Kenya's second-largest city
Classic "Animal House" scene
Sexologist Shere
Old cars with wings in their logo
___ Poke (caramel candy)
"Tread carefully!" ... or a hint to four dangers in this puzzle
Birds' bills
Lasik target
One of two for four
Conseil d'___ (adviser to un président)
Part of a tenant screening report
Paul in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
It's here, on the Champs-Élysées
Morsel for a toad
World Golf Hall-of-Famer Isao
Potentially offensive
What margarine has, unlike butter
Luxury hotel brand
Light a fire under
Part of the Nativity story
Make well
Unjustified criticism, in slang
Fish in a Japanese pond
Acrobat displays