New York Times Crossword November 24 2018 Puzzle

Updated on November 24 2018 04:00

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___ Tatin (upside-down pastry)
___ J, singer with the 2014 hit 'Bang Bang'
___ big
What's done up in an updo
U.S. financial giant, for short
Trio of mummies
Title for a fox
Suffers humiliation
Straw mat
Starter at un restaurant
Stanford rival, informally
Spark provider
Sound of a sock
Singer Perry
Sign of a sensation
Radio freq. unit
Quinn of CBS's 'Elementary'
Philosopher who said 'What does not kill me makes me stronger'
Part of YOLO
One way to stand
One way to lose your balance?
On the wrong side (of)
Number below #
Not just down
Member of a crossword aviary?
Like EE vis-à-vis E
K'ung Fu-___ (Confucius)
Japanese room divider
It's not backed up
It's a wrap
How some bonds are sold
Home of the largest grain elevator in the world: Abbr
He hit his 600th home run in 2007
Good name for someone tracing family history?
Fred Astaire, at times
Four-time Emmy-winning drama
First name in fragrance
E-4 and E-5, but not E-3
Drink that competes with Monster
Drink flavorer
Dora the Explorer, e.g.: Abbr
Digs in the snow?
Cry for attention, maybe
Cool ___
Classic Dr. Seuss title
Capitol vehicle
Blows away
Big name in shipping
Big name in jam
Bad record
Angel's antithesis
Ancestor of a cell
Actor who said 'It takes a smart guy to play dumb'
Abbr. on a food wrapper
2010s dance craze
'Ville-d'Avray' painter
'Things get ugly'
'That's ridiculous!'
'I'm exhausted!'
'Dora the Explorer' catchphrase