New York Times Crossword November 12 2019 Puzzle

Updated on November 12 2019 04:00

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German "a"
Prefix with -phone
Save for later viewing, in a way
Iditarod vehicle
Look with an upturned lip
Newswoman King
1960s activist Hoffman
One might be inferred from a chart
Reach aggressively for
Certain computer whiz
Item with a dollar sign on it, in cartoons
Tiny buzzer
Get an F
Shown crisply on TV
2013 film for which Judi Dench received a Best Actress nomination
Flip out
Greeting at sea
Where many a commuter lives, informally
Prominent part of Snoopy
Contents of el Prado
Zodiac ram
Like pink or purple hair
Kind of bargain
Bar mitzvah officiant
Figs. on tax forms
Yale students
Skype call, say
Things to keep on hand to prevent burns?
Brush up on
Personal affirmation
Shtalk like thish
Big brand of kitchenware
Elevate, redundantly
Many a "Jackass" segment
A dueler may take 10 of them
English county
Diamond opportunity
Bucks, does and fawns
Half of a salad bar implement
Indian crepes
River that's home to 1-Across
Et ___ (and others)
Bob ___ (restaurant chain)
2000 'N Sync hit ... or a hint to 17-, 26- and 45-Across
Top thing filled in on an I.R.S. form
Sikh headwear
Colonial grievance that was a cause of the Revolutionary War
Soldiers' IDs
Feature of e-cigarettes
Activity before a graduation ceremony
Lots of ink, in slang
Roman 502
"This looks like trouble!"
College course in one of the social sciences, informally
Scottish funeral accompanist
Stick with U.S.-made products
Avis competitor
Experimental setting, as for a new initiative
What the thunk of a watermelon indicates
Madison Square Garden and United Center
Opposite of ushered out
Interested in experimenting sexually, maybe
The Devil's doings
One of three on a semi
"Roger ___"
Travels here and there
Egyptian snakes