New York Times Crossword May 5 2019 Puzzle

Updated on May 5 2019 00:00

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Soul from Seoul?
Some undergrad degs.
Soldier's assignment
"Cheers" actor Roger
Often-pantomimed hit song of the 1970s
People who are totes close
Former "Meet the Press" host Marvin
Hospital fluids
One of the Jacksons
Old Roman autocrat
"Movin' ___" ("The Jeffersons" theme)
Portable places to sleep
Butcher's stock
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria
Family name on "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
Relative of a Vandyke
Take a load off
Portable place to sleep
Running around
Clothing symbol for a graduate of Oxford or Cambridge
Modern education acronym
Really busy doing
Immigrant's desire
Prefix with -naut
Critter that likes to lie in the sun
Symbol of strength
El Greco, e.g.
"What she said"
Welsh "John"
Actress Findley
App annoyances
Some N.F.L. linemen: Abbr.
Part of an after-school lineup
Inventor Howe
Marker, informally
SALT subject, for short
Neutral color
Symbol in many a URL
Grant factor, sometimes
Volunteer's offer
Actress Polo
Talent show that jumped networks, familiarly
Debuted to great acclaim
Pi 1?
Eye surgeon's tool
"___ Pepper ..." (classic soda jingle)
Ones making calls, informally
Half a laugh?
Drum kit component
Unhurried walker
Grave letters
Deliberate and unprovoked
Body part whose name contains another body part
Routine: Abbr.
Office PC connections
Depression follower, for short
Human rights lawyer Clooney
"The Ten Commandments" villain
Rules of engagement?
Craft created on a board with nails
Authorize to
John ___, three-time Gold Glove first baseman
Take a walk on the wild side?
"That's a good burn!"
It helped bring dinos to life in "Jurassic Park"
Baltic dweller
Deep hole
Class one might take for kicks?
Abbr. on an envelope
Singer Ora with three solo #1 hits in Britain
Hanna-Barbera collectibles
Bridge positions
Chilean catch
Trap at a ski lodge, perhaps
Humanitarian operation
Terrapin catcher
Crepe paper?
The least little bit
Doggy treat
Exclamation that's usually doubled
Term paper?
Warhol subject
Segue to the next part of a story
Wall paper?
Prophet who inveighed against the "sins of Israel"
First place?
Settings for some TV dramas, for short
Competitor of Reach
Position paper?
La-la lead-in
Bygone sitcom set around Houston
Size above med.
Some trumpeters
Expresses exasperation toward
Ending with body or spy
Trade jabs (with)
506, in old Rome
"I want details!"
Bygone auto whose name sounds like a command
Note paper?
Wax paper?
Pop group whose name derives from the initials of its members' first names
Periods of note
Broadway's Cariou
Horror director Roth
Hyundai model
Spreads in the kitchen
Mormon Church, for short
That stinks!
Fly paper?
Veiled criticism, in slang
Grp. that usually meets in the evening
Jane Austen heroine
Bugs from the underworld
Construction paper?
Relay closer
What Oberon orbits
Acted as
Liquid paper?
2013 film whose lead actress is never seen
Most stylish
Hangs around
Scratch paper?
Mine transport
"Don't cry for me" singer
Takes up a lot of space
Purchase of proof?
Measure of a stone