New York Times Crossword May 4 2020 Puzzle

Updated on May 4 2020 00:00

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Before, in verse
Just manages, with "out"
"___ bitten, twice shy"
Certain basketball defense
Actor Russell or director Cameron
Catchall category
Excessive, as influence
Popular pattern for socks and sweaters
Bop on the head
Places to take French classes
Mailing letters?
Things wizards wave
Brief race, in brief
Basilica benches
Frankenstein's assistant in "Young Frankenstein"
Small amount
Beverage for a darts player, perhaps
Animal at Yellowstone National Park
Performers in a rink
Puff of smoke
"Can't argue with that"
Yin's partner
Steffi of tennis fame
Dickens's "The Mystery of ___ Drood"
"There, there"
Belief system
Film about food?
Shabbily dressed
Narrow inlet
Sheriff's group
Three-time Pro Bowler ___ Beckham Jr.
Spy sent by Moses into Canaan
Group of fish
What dogs do in the spring
Home for Adam and Eve
Olympians' blades
Fire truck's color
Hermann who wrote "Siddhartha"
Knight stick?
Ma that might baa
More decisive
Bar with country music
Singer of the 2015 #1 hit "Hello"
Actress Kravitz of "Big Little Lies"
"For ___ us a child is born ..."
Medical impostors, informally
Pickled green garnishes
What you might build a winter fort with
Like streakers
Mini-albums, for short
What the starts of the answers to 17-, 24-, 48- and 60-Across do, punnily?
All the rage
Not do takeout at a restaurant
Costa ___
Flying insect with a narrow waist
Spins, as a baton
Designer Gucci
Last words of a threat
City that's the setting for several van Gogh paintings
Features of most hotel doors
Like the gases neon and argon, but not oxygen and hydrogen
Big fuss
Created for a particular purpose, as a committee
Actress Christina
Just about every character on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Kids around