New York Times Crossword May 29 2020 Puzzle

Updated on May 29 2020 03:00

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For ___ (birthday card category)
Extremely popular to a small fan base
Flat part of a flat
Left-facing arrow, in an email
Need for teachers across the board
Until due
America's Cup, e.g.
Attempts to hit
Cry accompanying a double take
Corn or bean plant, perhaps
"Whew!" elicitor
Woman's name that becomes another woman's name when its vowels are switched
Bread, in Bologna
Princess in "The Crown"
Sail-hoisting device
What can help you step up your workout routine?
Lightning unit
Mint family members
Sister brand of 7Up
Cabinet dept. that tracks homelessness
Thrombus, more familiarly
Dance done to fiddle music
Just behind
Enemy of the Joker
Playwright who wrote "All great truths begin as blasphemies"
Olivia de Havilland and Olivia Newton-John, for two
"Sweet dreams!"
It's worse than a bomb
Goes once around the track
Lullaby locale
Evans who was the 2009-10 N.B.A. Rookie of the Year
Something U and I have in common
Hold tight
Best-selling studio album of all time (33x platinum)
Capable of handling the task
Zoo attraction
Pore over
One making a malicious attack, maybe
Certain Afrocentrist, informally
Product of transcription
Put on display, with "out"
It comes to light
Central to, with "of"
Subject that encompasses net neutrality
"Live well" sloganeer
Where BMW is headquartered
___ kick
What a relief!
Country album?
Billion-dollar Procter & Gamble brand
Store window sign
White House family of the early 20th century
Care package sender, often
Money, in slang
Do without
Explanation for the existence of evil in God's presence
Tough nut to crack
Had a midday break
Currency of Indonesia
Relative of a histogram
Twitter label for top hashtags