New York Times Crossword May 16 2019 Puzzle

Updated on May 16 2019 03:00

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Letters between two names
Ball holder
N.C.A.A.'s Big ___ Conference
Not kosher, in Jewish law
Small carp
Rae who created "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl"
Speak, as thou might
One-named singer with an "ö" in her name
Moonshiners' equipment
Increase rapidly ... or a hint to connecting four pairs of answers in this puzzle
Money in Malmö
Swimmer's woe
Part of a race
High time in Judaism
Wrinkly fruit
Shepherd's locale
Place name lead-in to -folk or -wich
Angela who played Tina Turner
Org. disbanded in 1991
Once again
Go out for a bit
Raises from the dead?
Toast at a Jewish wedding
___ fly
Goodie bag contents
One side of a debate
Music genre for Weezer
Buildings with circular floor plans
Not slouching
Large military unit
A student might bring this up in an intro class
Test, in a way
"Three Days of the Condor" director
"Well, ain't that fancy!"
Superhero with a lightning bolt symbol
Not many tracks are found on them, for short
Parent company of Kool-Aid
Cry accompanying a fist pump
Kind of skirt
Sgts. outrank them
Japanese floor coverings
Fruit named for a region of France
Low-hanging clouds
Sound made while clasping oneself
Start of a polite request
Powder holder
Wears pajamas all day, e.g.
Put in stitches?
Hung pieces of art
Class with breathing techniques
2008 animated film set in ancient China
Try to win at auction
Jeong of "Crazy Rich Asians"
South American landmark whose name means "old peak"
"Net" preceder
Popular Samsung smartphone
Relatives of rhododendrons
Person behind the curtain?
Word after Great or before Street
Sports replay effect
One to whom you might say "Boo!"
Bread used for soup