New York Times Crossword May 11 2020 Puzzle

Updated on May 11 2020 00:00

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Coll.-level classes
"Black-ish" network
Make well
Funny Bombeck
Invite to one's penthouse, say
___ and flow
Hard thing to break
Color manually
Enlivening, with "up"
Adamant refusal
Narrow waterways
Group that meets on the slopes
Certain lap dog, familiarly
"Well, aren't ___ pair!"
___ chicken (Indian dish)
___ vincit amor
Rita of "West Side Story"
Watch chain
Beats by ___ (audio brand)
Betrays, in a way
"___ sells" (advertising catchphrase)
Strengthens, with "up"
Shaggy beasts of 53-Across
[Shame on you!]
Less than perfect
Complete a double play, in baseball slang
More like tired eyes
Lent support to
"Oh, also ...," in a text
Suffix with kitchen
What a pitcher might have after a long game
Amy of "Parks and Recreation"
Leave hurriedly and secretively
Pricey seating option
Many craft brews, for short
Network with an eye logo
"Funny Girl" role for which Barbra Streisand won an Oscar
Kind of roast
What's left of a cigarette
Decorated anew
Gumbo vegetable
Et ___ (and others: Lat.)
Late, as in making payments
Car opposite the locomotive
TV journalist Curry
Muscles that are targets of planking, informally
"Hamilton" writer Lin-Manuel ___
The East, to the West
"In that case, sure"
Horse's disapproving vote?
Synthetic fabric
Letter addenda, for short
Last line of a spreadsheet (as suggested by the shaded squares?)
World Cup cheer
High heels and others
Loving term for one caring for a sick child
"Them's fightin' words!"
Strikes (out)
Brand of foam darts
Drew up, as plans
"Oh yeah? ___ who?"
Greeting in Rio
Crash into from the back
Places where rouge goes
The Phantom in "The Phantom of the Opera"
Like many missed field goals
Mattress giant
Hot dog holders
Follow closely, as a spy might a mark
Pirate's plunder
Egyptian "boy king"
Not keep a secret
Chapel recess