New York Times Crossword March 31 2018 Puzzle

Updated on March 31 2018 07:00

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'My treat'
'What are my other choices? There are none'
'___ idea!'
Access, as a computer network
Actor McGregor
Ancient shopping place
Aquafina competitor
Artist with the 7x platinum album 'A Day Without Rain'
Back on the job?
Bank annoyance
Banks on a runway
Bridal wear
Chamomile alternative
Comparison word
Employers of masseurs
Emulates Lady Macbeth
Fancy collar material
Food flavorer that's not supposed to be eaten
Frequent tweeter
Get into
Goes against a proposal
Hang time, to a snowboarder
Holden's younger sister in 'The Catcher in the Rye'
Headdress decoration
Honey ___ (Post cereal)
Insects of the species Myrmica rubra
Johnny nicknamed 'The Godfather of Rhythm and Blues'
Jeweler's creation
Kitchen scrubbers
Kind of vaccine
Lady ___, first female member of the British Parliament
Like plays about plays, say
Morsel a horse'll eat
Most crosstown thoroughfares in Manhattan ... with a hint to this puzzle's theme
Needle case
Nightmarish Manhattan traffic situation ... or a possible title for this puzzle
Part of A.D
Peaks: Abbr
Pepsi, e.g
Physicist's proposal
Place of danger
Poker giveaway
Private ship cabins
Reading unit
Realm of Queen Lucy the Valiant
Short while?
See 35-Across
Slow and stately compositions
Small coffee cups
Start of some futuristic toy names
Started to cry, with 'up'
Subject for immigration legislation
The 'I' of Constantine I?
Try to hit with
Turkey club?
What bicyclists might ride in
With 41-Across, proceeding willy-nilly
Woman with a title
Yanks' foes
Yogurt topping
___ alcohol
___ Daily News (paper since 1878)
___ law