New York Times Crossword March 3 2020 Puzzle

Updated on March 3 2020 04:00

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Water-resistant furniture wood
Wiesel with a Nobel
French-founded fragrance firm
Alma mater for many a Supreme Court justice
Rev, as an engine
Win overwhelmingly
Rubs out
Celebratory blaze
Like the U.S. president's office
Label as PG, say
Move too slowly, as a watch
Little devils
Put in stitches
Needle mischievously
Disney dog
Pole star?
Affair of the heart
Takes a nice long bath
Actress Kunis
Blue state?
Works in a gallery
Propose as an explanation
See 5-Down
Woodworker's clamp
Giant star?
Onions have lots of them
Record-setting Ripken
Fraternal order with an animal emblem
Nickname for the 12-Down in Chicago's Field Museum
Libya's capital
Things confessed in confessionals
Active Sicilian peak
Ruler in the Romanov line
Tech-obsessed, say
City railways not at street level
Social outcast
Give off
Lucy of "Kill Bill: Volume 1"
Gold star?
DuVernay who directed "A Wrinkle in Time"
Crumbly Greek cheese
Stage prompt
Loudly berate
Grammy-winning Stefani
Is concerned
On pot
Grossly distorted imitation
Focus on the road, e.g.?
Veer off course, as a ship
Morning star?
On bended ___
Big pig
Alternative to a phone call
Flips out
Like neon signs and some lanterns
Bit of landscaping greenery
Leave out
Involuntary response
Juniors, next year: Abbr.
Scratchy voice
"It's no ___!"
Shooting star?
Volcanic flow
Low-ranking G.I.: Abbr.
Environmentalist's subj.
Many lab procedures