New York Times Crossword March 17 2019 Puzzle

Updated on March 17 2019 00:00

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Giant's opposite
The Science Guy
Anglerfish's light, e.g.
Bosom buddy
Revenue alternative to subscriptions
Midwest capital, informally
Seven ___ of Ancient Greece
Blush, e.g.
Like some flocks
Grandchild: Sp.
___ distance
Artist with seven posthumous platinum albums
Daniel Webster, notably
Why parodies can't be sued for copyright infringement
Like the phase ending after 12
State on the Atl. coast
Montreal is part of it: Abbr.
Suffix with doctor
Alaska Airlines hub
Between: Fr.
Inky stone
Stereotypical High Times reader
Tex-Mex offering
Kind of sheet
Iron ___
The title characters of 1988's "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," e.g.
Part of a Vandyke, informally
Certain green energy producers
"You may not have asked me, but ..."
Doesn't go overboard?
Hitch together
Star turn
See 43-Down
With 44-Down, biography of Walt Disney?
Fiery look
Author Larsson
Altar exchange
Like the signatures of outgoing people, it's said
John Irving title character
Model T competitors
Big features of reality TV
Chihuahua's sound
Major Argentine export
Prefix with present
Dress (up)
Increases in price
Cajun dish of shellfish over rice
Biography of Willie Mays?
Elvis Costello hit that starts "I've been on tenterhooks / Ending in dirty looks"
Airport code for O'Hare
Some H.S. exams
Showed allegiance, in a way
Home to Bourbon St.
Its national anthem is "Hatikvah": Abbr.
Unvarying charge
Biography of Thomas Crapper?
They create soft c's and g's
Some Antarctic samples
Picasso's "___ Demoiselles d'Avignon"
Lets go of
Poetic conjunction
Dramatic rebuttal
Wear away
Quad/glute exercise
Big dos
Gate expectations, briefly?
With passion
See 110-Across
With 112-Across, biography of Elvis?
Adidas competitor
Loudly project
Pair of hearts?
Dramatic award
Sound effects after some one-liners
One using a heater, say
Biography of the Venus de Milo?
Verb that's a homophone for a letter
Xenophobe's fear, with "the"
Good name, informally
Have a ___ for
"Step on it!"
Swimsuit material
___ monkey
Clever move
One side of the G.W. Bridge
Credit score, for short?
High points
Capital of France's Côte d'Or
Highest hand value in baccarat
Winged Greek goddess
Diner sign
British miler Sebastian
Recreational sailboats
Obvious answer
Go through a window?
Get a Venmo request, say
Only mildly sweet
"Girls" home
Oil magnate Leon who once owned the New York Jets
Diaper : U.S. :: ___ : U.K.
What the "sans" refers to in Comic Sans
Tip-off for an exam proctor
Note taker
Jesus on the diamond
One-fifth of the Jackson 5
Some endangered ecosystems
Took out
Two-year degrees, briefly
Beep-booping droid, for short
Biography of Archimedes?
"Decorates" on Halloween, say
Biography of Amelia Earhart?
Big name in chicken
Colleague of Gorsuch
Bond tightly
"Castaway" director Nicolas
Biography of Ebenezer Scrooge?
Ward of cinema
Palindromic boy's name
Bit of greenery
Old-time "The Price Is Right" announcer Johnny
Juul, e.g., for short
For fear that
Inside info
Most popular baby girl's name of the 1960s, per the Social Security Administration