New York Times Crossword March 14 2020 Puzzle

Updated on March 14 2020 03:00

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Get burned
Pat on the back
Bonus, in ad lingo
"That's rich!"
"Independents Day" author Lou
Ramen topping
Roughly 251,655 miles, for Earth's moon
With disapproval or distrust
Wrench with power
Glad competitor
Causes for censuring, maybe
Not needing a pump
"Quit horsing around!"
Make a delivery
Mexico's national flower
1990 Robin Williams title role
Informal name for a reptile that can seemingly run on water
Carnival bagful
Neighbors of the Navajo
Classic film with a game theme
Complex figure?
"S.N.L." castmate of Shannon and Gasteyer
Force onto the black market, say
Around there
Chronic pain remedy
Prized footwear introduced in 1984
Reconciler, for short
Costing a great deal, informally
Bouncer's confiscation
N.L. Central player
"Sounds 'bout right"
It's office-bound
Guy who's easily dismissed
Rewards for good behavior, maybe
Handout at check-in
George W. Bush or George H. W. Bush
Tea company owned by Unilever
Calls on
Waiting room features
Popular photo-sharing site
Member of an old Western empire
It comes three after pi
Final part of a track race
Thai neighbor
Participant in a 1990s civil war
"Ah, all right"
So-called "good cholesterol"
Green org.
Refuse to go there!
Chain named phonetically after its founders
Tastes, say
___ justice
Dental hygienist's order
Activity for kids out for kicks?
Unnamed women
What a good tip can lead to
State capital whose name is pronounced as one syllable (not two, as many think)