New York Times Crossword March 13 2019 Puzzle

Updated on March 13 2019 03:00

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Abbr. on a brewery sign
Dissolute man
Art Deco notable
Space balls
Page 2, 4 or 6, generally
"No ___" (bumper sticker)
City under siege from 2012 to '16
Like some golf shots and most bread
"The Tale of ___ Saltan" (Rimsky-Korsakov opera)
N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer with four rap albums, informally
Ballpark purchase
It varies from black to white
Made the rounds, say?
Chop ___
Horrid sort
Eponymous physicist Ernst
Some turkeys
Recipient of media complaints, for short
Grp. that gets the show on the road
Studying aid
Pictorial fabric
Sides of some quads
Arts and hard sciences, e.g.
Tennis Hall-of-Famer with a palindromic name
Bit of theater detritus
The Charioteer constellation
Worry about, informally
"Personally ..."
Garden pest
Becomes established
Pupil of a lizard, e.g.
Award for Washington and Lee
Vaquero's item
Like the slang "da bomb" and "tubular, man!"
Indulged to excess, with "on"
Deals with
Acorn, essentially
27 Chopin works
Spread in a spread
Blackberrys, e.g., for short
Danish money
Org. for students in uniform
Indirect comment ... or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters
Places where streams flow
Writer Edgar ___ Poe
Mythical figure known for ribaldry
Place to go to swim, informally
Hide away
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen
TV host Ryan
Big name in mortgages?
___ package
Distance for Captain Nemo
"Here comes trouble!"
Legendary Manhattan music club
Like Mercury among all the planets
Rare craps throws
Pizza chain
Draft org.
"Star Trek: ___" (syndicated series of the '80s-'90s)
"___ be my pleasure!"
Lineage-based women's grp.
Girder type
Patent preceder
Les ___-Unis
Odysseus, to Ithaca
Ithaca, to Odysseus
In ___ (developing)
Get ready for planting
Preferred seating request
Longtime Syrian leader
Isn't a bystander
Metallic waste