New York Times Crossword June 6 2018 Puzzle

Updated on June 6 2018 05:00

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___ greens
Y feature
Where a truck driver sits
What's within your range?
Town in two Dr. Seuss books
Thomas Edison's middle name
The ___ Ridge Boys (country/gospel quartet)
The New ___ (weekly)
Sweet tubers
Suffix with narc-
Start of a quip attributed to British comedian Ken Dodd
Spend the night in
Sow chow
Source of the milk for pecorino Romano cheese
She-bear, in Baja
Sensei's teaching
Send to attack
School of whales
River crossed by Westminster Bridge
Reply: Abbr
Quick turn
QB Roethlisberger
Pricy wristwatch
Precious stone that has been found on Mars (fun fact!)
Potential Emmy nominee
Pot-scrubbing brand
Pipe bend
Part 4 of the quip
Part 3 of the quip
Part 2 of the quip
Overly fussy
Other, in Acapulco
Old telephone service provider, informally
Needing quarters, maybe
Navigation hazards
Modern lead-in to call
Missouri city, informally
Many an ex-president's book
Locale of many cookie-cutter homes
Little person
Letters on a lotion bottle
Leggy wader
Kind of off-season baseball 'league'
Just as planned
John with 56 Top 40 singles in the U.S
John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter served in it
Jamboree attendee
It's not free of charge
Implement for confident crossword solvers
Identify on Facebook
Hems' partners
End of the quip
Demolition letters
Declared on a stack of Bibles
Creed of Hollywood
Cause of a bee sting's sting
Bundle up
Buffalo hockey player
Become too sweet after a while, say
BBC ___
Bank charge
Algonquian language
Al ___ (pasta order)
Academic address ender
A little dense
2018 Super Bowl champs
1975 Best Musical Tony winner, with 'The'
1974 C.I.A. parody
1,049-mile race
'You betcha!'
'Harper Valley ___' (1968 hit)