New York Times Crossword June 4 2019 Puzzle

Updated on June 4 2019 03:00

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Scandinavian capital founded in the mid-11th century
Actor Sharif
Gymnast Korbut
West Virginia resource
Athlete's leg problem
Something to bend over backward for
Host's task, informally
Making ___
Option with a trash can icon
TV programming filter
So-called "architect of India"
How a smartphone knows where it is, for short
Got full, say
College accommodations
Mi-mi-re-re-do, in a children's song
Accepting destiny
Tough puzzle
French "to have"
Cheesy snack
___ Rizzo, hustler in "Midnight Cowboy"
Leading by a single point
"South Park" boy
"The First ___" (carol)
"Occasion" celebrated 364 times a year in Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass"
Butter spreader
Beauty parlors
Like 747s
First thing in the morning?
Each animal in Noah's Ark had one
"Resume normal speed," in a score
Eldest Stark daughter on "Game of Thrones"
Disney sci-fi classic
Franc's successor
Concerning the nonordained
... and advantages found in them
Disadvantages found in this puzzle's three longest Across answers ...
Pizza size
Like drone bees
[Same source as before]
Retort to "Are not!"
Catcher of counterfeiters, in old lingo
Classic hit
It settles a case
Part of a headset
Restaurateur Lagasse
"Hey" alternatives
The longer of the two Morse symbols
UPS competitor
Sun or moon
Absence of complication
Online option that turns into "show" when clicked
Netflix or YouTube
Neighbor of Pennsylvania
A very long time
Danson of "The Good Place"
Ozs. and lbs.
"That sounds painful"
'60s conflict site
Ghost in a haunted house, e.g.
Medium for modern matchmaking
Need for targeted advertising
What a tabloid may be sued for
Coup d'___
Metal that rusts
Rub the wrong way
Made-up story
Energy field, in holistic medicine
Ain't I a stinker?
Key of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7: Abbr.
"We should totally do that!"