New York Times Crossword June 29 2020 Puzzle

Updated on June 29 2020 00:00

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Ring master?
Have a bawl
Sports squad
"If all ___ fails ..."
Rorschach image
Big-screen film format
Taxi charge
Thrift shop caveat
Louisiana music typically featuring an accordion
Like most centers in basketball
Lymphocyte-producing organs
Long lunches?
Cause of seizures
Dover's state: Abbr.
Heavenly sphere
Motherless calf
Product for one pulling an all-nighter
Slow on the ___
Al ___, four-time Indianapolis 500 winner
Clean with a broom
Newspaper worker
One expressing contempt
Kind of badge for a scout
Red Muppet on "Sesame Street"
See socially
Polygraph flunker
Cookie since 1912
Dashboard dial that goes from "E" to "F"
Wrecks beyond repair
Santa ___ winds
One starting college, typically
Son of David in the Old Testament
Director Rob
Intermission preceder
Funny Fey
Close with a bang
"How do you like ___ apples?"
Newspaper pieces collected in the book "The Last Word"
Cape Canaveral org.
Savings plans for old age, in brief
Vogue competitor
Pop-up store opportunity for bargain hunters
Safest course of action
Far ___ (a long distance away)
Chaney of silent films
Coat of paint
Annual award for architects
Home heating option
Got out of bed
What to leave a phone message after
Row of bushes
Vietnamese New Year
Odometer button
Chinese-born architect who won a 43-Across
"To thine ___ self be true"
Home theater feature, maybe
2014 film in which David Oyelowo played Martin Luther King Jr.
What unagi is, at a sushi bar
In his Webby Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech (which is limited to five words), he said "Please don't recount this vote"
Close guy friend
Position sought every six years
Prefix with knock or lock
Song for a diva
Digestive aid brand
Parasitic insects that suck
Top Olympic medal
Facing the pitcher
Part of a constellation