New York Times Crossword June 25 2020 Puzzle

Updated on June 25 2020 03:00

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Foreign denial
Gift that much thought is put into?
Saving option, in brief
Up the ___
Home of Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
Biotech crops, e.g., for short
Products of some plants
Key near the space bar
Language with five tones
Hooted and hollered
Crawl space?
She performed "We Shall Overcome" at the 1963 March on Washington
Evening hour in Spain
State wildflower of Georgia
9 to 5, e.g.
Arctic native
Big Apple inits.
Mountie's ride
Crankcase component
Blood bank need
Korean export
Sushi order
Egyptian god of chaos
Completely amazing, in slang
Goodwill receptacle
Actress Elizabeth of the "Avengers" films
Long-distance call
Author Leon
Nervously awkward
Durable transport, for short
Efficiency symbol, in physics
Traveler's item
Informal title of respect
Animal in "Do-Re-Mi"
Makes a case against
Bluesy James
Out of this world
Corn product
Shopper's stop
Act riskily ... or what three answers in this puzzle do
When doubled, a 2010s dance
Small island
Best-selling game series for the Xbox
Less distinct
Like ___ knife through butter
Chemical suffix
Reporting internal wrongdoing
R&B singer Gray
"___ makes the going great" (old ad slogan)
Twice-chewed food
Like hedgehogs
2001 comedy starring Reese Witherspoon
Golfer Poulter with three P.G.A. Tour wins
Train maker
"___ That Good News," 1964 Sam Cooke album
What makes the Impossible Burger possible
Really stand out
Totally does the trick
A chair might hold one
Wolf's gait
Scary story?
They take dedication to write
1950s-'60s sitcom nickname