New York Times Crossword June 20 2020 Puzzle

Updated on June 20 2020 03:00

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Emmitt Smith's 175, for short
Landmark civil rights legislation of 1990: Abbr.
Front desk handout
___ leches
Extract juice from
Comic Wanda
Acronymic weapons
Windy event?
Consultant's customer
Hot ___
Bland, in a way
German title
___ Octavius, Spider-Man villain
It's nice to see
Danity ___, girl group with a self-titled 2006 #1 album
Uno card with a slashed circle
Where to find bliss
Commuter scooter
Not wing it
Company whose logo symbolizes the union of four manufacturers
More than none
Big name in retirement accounts
Met villains, often
Tank alternative
"Master Melvin" of baseball
"Just a heightened sense of awareness," per John Lennon
Playing craps, e.g.
Sicilian town that lost a bell to Fascists, in literature
Tangle up
Word after speed or drunk
Schedule issuer, for short
Swift and sudden
Strenuous thing to pull
Pet that can regrow its tail
Bird that lent its name to Toledo's Triple-A team
Apparently is
They may be under the table
Looks inside?
Cellphone account offering
Port in County Kerry
"Lean and hungry type," in a Hall & Oates hit
Hooch holder
Ticklish area
Word in the "Survivor" motto
I.S.P. once called Quantum Computer Services
Something found near a six-pack
Spark plugs
Plumbing fitting with a bend
"American Pie" actor Eddie ___ Thomas
1960 Miles Davis album inspired in part by flamenco music
Broadway character who sings "The Gods Love Nubia"
Alternative to "stand"
Evil spirit
Performing well
Fabric feature
Suffix for a fan gathering
They have an "itis" named after them
Pacific Ocean phenomenon
1949 novel set in the Wyoming Territory
"We're all ___ here"
Point to
Performer at a flag lowering ceremony
Unlikely place to find bars
Setting for "The Golden Girls"