New York Times Crossword June 15 2020 Puzzle

Updated on June 15 2020 00:00

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Tell whoppers
Sturdy tree
Jeep Grand Cherokee, for one
Many miles away
Kinks song set "down in old Soho"
Shoe part that's usually the first to wear out
Commotion, in slang
Carefully sorts (through)
Ancient Greek gathering spot
Pitching blunders
URL starter
Counterpart of "neither"
Hit with a beam of light
The third "w" in www
Nevada city
Mark up, as a textbook
Vein of ore
Popular Apple product
TV's "Hawaii ___"
A.L. West team, on scoreboards
Reusable material in a junkyard
Org. looking out for seniors' interests
Money execs
"Give us this day ___ daily bread"
Visual representation of data
Hawaiian honeymoon destination
Magazine heads, for short
Ill-defined lump
"All the world's a ___": Shak.
Group of experts
Flower named for its resemblance to a winged beast
Some smallish batteries
Breakfast mixtures with rolled oats
Angry expression
Lend a hand
Poke one's nose (into)
Something going through one's head
"Am ___ late?"
Marathon, e.g.
Office head
Fermented rice wine
Lady ___, a.k.a. the First Lady of Song
From Bangkok, say
"Sauer" hot dog topping
Plenty o'
Car with a "T" logo
At least 35 years, for a U.S. president
Stir-fry ingredients, often
Make better
Teller's partner in magic
Amount for the washer or dryer
"I ___ a dream ..."
What salmon swim upstream to do
Non-___ (label on some foods)
Some household helpers ... or an oral hint to 17-, 24-, 51- and 63-Across
Bobby of N.H.L. fame
Thin as ___
Fiction's opposite
Talk drunkenly
Place to buy a drink
Logo art that changes almost daily
Cribbage scoring piece
Architect Sir Christopher ___
City where the "Gangnam Style" video was filmed
Yoga pose
Mystery-solving Great Dane of cartoons
Rushed toward
Like a billionaire
"I do solemnly swear ...," e.g.
Audibly expresses shock
Get an A, B, C or D
Londoner, e.g., informally