New York Times Crossword June 1 2019 Puzzle

Updated on June 1 2019 03:00

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Lose crispness, in dialect
Septet in Dante's "Purgatorio"
Proctor's declaration
Do business?
"Suh-weet!," quaintly
Try to get in, say
As good as it gets
Percussionist's wooden sticks
Activity for new parents
Abu Simbel statue honoree
Locale of London's Leicester Square
Dark-skinned grape used in winemaking
Product made with steel wool
Stood on the hind legs, with "up"
Big name in cookware
Group working on P.S.A. campaigns
Turnovers, e.g.
Wasted word to a housecat
Squaw Valley backdrop
Literary anthology
Part of a fireplace
"I'm fine, but thanks"
Ending with quart- or quint-
Classic blazer fabrics
Potential recidivists
Go to pot?
Means of surveillance
___ astrology, study with horoscopes
Some first-years after undergrad
Start of many a morning commute, informally
Longtime film/theater critic Jeffrey
Big name in hosiery
"License to Kill" star
Gymnast Biles and others
Many a yak herder
Like Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo
Classic baby food
"___ so" ("Nuh-uh")
They're spotted at fire stations
Boston skyscraper, with "the"
Hot wheels?
Certain grain source
Word before bait or buzz
Pool party?
Winner of the lowest-scoring Super Bowl in N.F.L. history (16 total points)
Right now
D.O.T. branch
Subject of an overnight lab study
"___ doomed!"
Annoying bedmate
Advance showing of a film
Won back
Political figure who became a CNN commentator in 2015
Takes heat from
Authorize, as a digital contract
Baseball great who was the subject of the 2006 best seller "Game of Shadows"