New York Times Crossword July 8 2018 Puzzle

Updated on July 8 2018 02:00

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___-Magnon man
___ Perelman, classic Russian science writer
___ Graham, Meryl Streep's role in 2017's 'The Post'
___ de vie
Zapped, in a way
World Cup cheer
Words mouthed on a Jumbotron
Word after who, what, when, where, why or how
What's got ewe covered?
What some Kaplan guides help prep for
Way cool
Warm, cozy spots
Uriah of 'David Copperfield'
Upscale hotel chain
Upscale hotel chain
Unwitting accomplice
Try this!
Titan, Triton or Titania
Ticked off
Three-time N.H.L. M.V.P
Third-most abundant gas in the atmosphere
Theme park annoyances
Texter's sign-off
Take over
Take a few pointers?
Summer swarmer
Suisse peak
Staples of waiting rooms
Stand-alone business?
Some sports prizes
Some singles
Some girders
Socialite / Resort / Store
Singer / City / Home feature
Show extreme instability
Seat at many a wedding
Scott of 'Charles in Charge'
Sacred symbol of ancient Egypt
Roman orator
Related stuff
Regatta site since 1839
RCA competitor
Quite, despite expectations
Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter books, e.g
Princess with superpowers
Primary concern
Popular self-help website
Political commentator / Geographical area / Fitness routine
Per unit
Part of a crane
Once named
Obama ___
NPR's 'Planet Money' or 'How I Built This'
Myrna of 'Love Crazy'
Message in a bottle, maybe
Many a pageant coif
Make a good point?
Major fuss
Longtime 'Inside the N.B.A.' analyst
Like most light bulbs
Like many a kilt
Lighter igniter
Leg press target, informally
Insurance filings
How a gangly person might be described
Holy terror
Hits the hay
Hip-hop subgenre
High wind
Hi or lo follower
Heavy hit
Haunted house sound
Half of a pair
Get crazy
Gangster tracker
Food drive collection
Flying Solo
Finished behind
Father of octuplets on 'The Simpsons'
Fashion monthly
English actor Idris
Emerald or aquamarine
Dumas dueler
Dog tag?
Divvies up
Difficult journeys
Cubist of note?
Contact, in a way
Condescending sort
Computer menu option
Comedian / State capital / Record store section
Clerical wear
Cheer with beer
Carnival performer
Blockage reliever
Big name in vodka
Beachgoer's souvenir
Barrio grocery
Alpo alternative
All together, in scores
Add fuel to
Actress / Mideast area / Crime
Actor / Transportation hub / Part of a broadcast
1960s Haight-Ashbury wear
1960s 'It Girl' Sedgwick
'Young Sheldon' airer
'With ___ ring ...'
'Wait just a sec'
'Three Sisters' sister
'The Situation Room' airer
'The Gold-Bug' author, for short
'The Godfather' mobster who was shot in the eye
'That's pretty obvious!'
'Speed-the-Plow' playwright
'Safe!,' in baseball, or 'Safety!,' in football
'Roger that'
'Nothing succeeds like ___': Oscar Wilde
'Keystone' character of old comedy
'It's a deal!'
'Is this really necessary?'
'I'm thinking ...'
'Holy moly!'
'Don't move!'