New York Times Crossword July 4 2019 Puzzle

Updated on July 4 2019 03:00

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Wall St. news
Small songbird
Planets and moons
Aloe ___
One of the Obamas
River to the Bering Sea
Showing amazement
No longer either hot or cool?
Silo filler, in brief
Southernmost active volcano on earth
Somers or Winters
Lao-tzu and others
Part of a spread
Cartoonist who created Fearless Fosdick
Bump in a ski run
Garage services
Old Roman course
Cavity revealer
Relative of a foil
Title based on the name "Caesar"
___ Shah Pahlavi, former leader of Iran
Whale constellation
How a tie may be broken, for short
Four-time World Cup champion
Musical instrument whose name means "three strings"
Calendario commencer
Aid in tidying up the house
Sports standout
Tiny amount
Just because
Astrological creation
Tesla ___
Count in Lemony Snicket books
Sp. titles
Defense alliance from 1954 to '77
Dark periods, in poetry
Dinar spender
Dry cleaner's challenge
"That. Was. A. Blast!," concisely?
Fifth Avenue concern
"Great job!"
Christina on Rolling Stone's list of "100 Greatest Singers of All Time"
Make a polite visit, concisely?
Department store staffers
A long stretch
Campaign-supporting grp.
With an ___ the future
Figure skater Midori
Pair in a salsa band
"The Raven" monogram
Illuminated eerily, perhaps
Make an evasive maneuver
Place to wear a tuxedo
Not fooled by
Revs up
Recollection of something that just happened, concisely?
Taken off
___ good example
Civil defense measure, concisely?
Watt or knot
Olympic champion Ohno
State bird of Minnesota
First name in 1950s comedy
Cantina snacks
Number of countries between los Estados Unidos y Colombia