New York Times Crossword July 19 2020 Puzzle

Updated on July 19 2020 00:00

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Children's author Asquith
Barely manage, with "out"
Topic discussed by the bar
Transcript fig.
Astronaut Grissom
Five of these are needed to play Yahtzee
"My word!"
Drachma replacement
Partially landlocked bay
Japanese beer brand
Kind of pants
She played "the devil" Miranda in "The Devil Wears Prada"
Ring combo
Ancestor of the modern lemon and lime
Little bump
Puts down
Issa of "Insecure"
Less expressive
Have a serious crush on, informally
Monopoly token
H.S. class
Folk singer Guthrie
Sporty option
Preventing spills, say
Opposing forces in Risk
Writing on many a license plate
Comfy shoes, for short
Mountain nymph of Greek myth
It's found in a key: Abbr.
Blue Ribbon brand
Oscars, e.g.
Small, in a way
"Revelations" choreographer
Cathedral in N.Y.C.
Sour milk product
Oil-rich nation that's not in OPEC
First man, in Maori mythology
A.C. measure
"What's up?," in textspeak
National economic prosperity, metaphorically
Happy refrain
Head of ___
Couple of fins
Defeat soundly
Love, in Lyon
Pyle's portrayer on "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."
Words of commitment
Summer hrs. in Colorado
Plant part
What sheep participate in
Like polka
Phoenix sch.
Evaluate, as an opponent
Expert advice
Put away for later
Spanish chess piece
___ king
Plant part
Some Montanans
How TV shows may be shown
Choking hazard label
Inverse trig function
Altar place
Played miniature golf
National Medal of Arts winner Davis
Hold tightly
Put away
Half of some matching sets
Lengthy reprimand, so to speak
Italian diminutive suffix
Words of understanding
Carpentry contraption
Beat poem allegedly inspired by a peyote vision
Genre for the Smashing Pumpkins and Liz Phair
In trouble, metaphorically
*Occasion for hiding in the dark
*"Holy moly!"
Celebrity ... but just barely
Half of a record
Singer/activist Horne
Author/magazine editor Welteroth
A while back
Reed in a pit
Pioneer of detective fiction
End of many addresses
Temple cabinets
*What keeps up standards in the radio business?
Tries hard
"I didn't need to know that"
Common chords
*How to screw in a light bulb
Palate cleansers between courses
Large musical combo
Chats away
Matriarch's title, maybe
Jazz's Jackson
Language spoken on Easter Island
Best horse of the 20th century, per The Associated Press
Move in a hurry, quaintly
*Places for coasters
Stand-up comic Wong
Gas numbers
Smooth sailing
P.R. event
It means well in Italy
Special orders on new autos
Fix the colors on, say
*Feature of a Chippendales show
Actress and civil rights activist Ruby ___
Part of a ventilation system
*Public health agency's mission
Brand with a jingle to the "Dragnet" theme
English cathedral city
Sr.'s hurdle
Platinum-selling rapper-turned-TV cop
Writer and film critic James
Worried exclamation from Astro on "The Jetsons"
One-named Grammy-winning singer
In a way
*Go-getter's maxim
*Performers who set the bar high?
Oppressive dominance
Gets better
___ Lee (dessert brand)
Something pressed in an emergency
Club setting for scenes in "GoodFellas" and "Raging Bull"
Ones out of this world, for short