New York Times Crossword July 11 2020 Puzzle

Updated on July 11 2020 03:00

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Still at Disney World?
Wall-E's love in "Wall-E"
Thruway advisory
Friend of Mr. Noodle on children's TV
When repeated, workout class instruction
Instruction to Alice
Cereal box word whose third and fourth letters are stylized as bits of cereal
Doritos ___ Tacos (fast-food offering)
Catalysts, as of change
Like early sound recordings
Less predictable
Mexican beer brand
The conqueror Tamerlane, for one
Eponymous town in southeastern Connecticut
Lapped, perhaps
On-air campaign expense
Variety of cattle
Schreiber of "Spotlight"
Die, say
Setting for an 1836 shootout
Historic megalomaniac
Teens, e.g.
Word before talk or power
Big name in the frozen aisle
Torch bearer, maybe
Kind of card in cellphones
Show appreciation at a poetry slam
Party people
"I ___ Feeling" (2009 chart-topper)
Lead-in to a letdown
Strike at a newspaper office?
Play around
Car on a track
Jewelry stores?
Berth place
H.S. course whose textbooks are full of solutions
Turn-of-the-century Oldsmobiles
Red sauce alternative
Global justice phenomenon sprung from a 2006 Myspace post by Tarana Burke
Bulk of an experiment
Fictional maker of Dehydrated Boulders and Tornado Seeds ("just add water")
Figures that lack curves
Involved with
Christmas tree figurine, maybe
"___ me!"
Domingo, e.g.
Tube traveler?
Sacred choral composition
Locale for house reps?
Digital book file extension
Longtime dance feature on TV beginning in 1971
Elephant abductors of legend
"101 Dalmatians" villain
Lacking any emotion
Macbeth's burial isle
___ o menos (Spanish 101 phrase)
One to sniff out
Physical realm, in cyberpunk
What's all the buzz about?
Hollow-eyed expression?
Heaven, sweet heaven
Actor Taye of Broadway's "Rent"
Metroliner operator, once