New York Times Crossword January 8 2018 Puzzle

Updated on January 8 2018 01:00

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___ Stein, Green Party candidate for president in 2012 and 2016
___ fide (in bad faith)
Where birds of a feather flock together
University of Illinois city
Take to the skies
Tablets that run Safari
Sunset shades
Strong cleansers
Stop being strict
Smiley face or frowny face
Skin care brand
Skiers' shelter
Santa's vehicle
Salon job
Rock's Jethro ___
Rich cake
Prepares for a doctor's throat examination
Pour love (on)
Potentially alarming sight for an ocean bather
Poker table payment
Opposite of buys
Onetime teen heartthrob Efron
Nintendo Switch predecessor
Neckwear for a lobster eater
N.F.L. team for which Joe Namath was a QB
Monopoly cards
Michigan/Ontario border river
Many a Snapchat pic
Los Angeles hoopsters
Like the first 'd' in 'Wednesday'
Like the Amazon rain forest
Letter accompanying a college application, informally
Informal breakfast beverage order
In one fell ___
Hypnotist's command
Holder of baseball's highest career batting average (.366)
Fireplace residue
Figure on Superman's chest
Derby entry
Cries of discovery
Cowboy movie setting
Container for oolong or chai
Connect with
Company heads, in brief
College person with a 'list'
College dorm overseers, for short
Cold War weapon inits
Coffee get-together
Chipper greetings
Cappuccino relative
Branch of dentistry, informally
Board game named after a Shakespeare play
Approximately, datewise
Antlered Yellowstone denizens
Alternative to 'net' or 'org'
Actor Jared of 'Suicide Squad'
'Yes,' at the altar
'Would you mind?'
'Vous ___ ici' (French for 'You are here')
'Ulysses' star, 1967
'This can't be good'
'Sure, whatever'
'Skip to My ___'
'Holy Toledo!'
'Dumb' bird