New York Times Crossword January 25 2019 Puzzle

Updated on January 25 2019 04:00

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Street cred
Film picture not shot with a camera
Law firm aide, informally
Slight, informally
Lasting mark
1995 U.S. Open winner Pavin
Word after president or governor
Lacking face value
Get by
Gently touches
Rival of L'Oréal
Seaweed in a sushi restaurant
Glass on the air
Mint holders
Big name in cookware
Start of a newscast
Top name in a Social Security Administration list every year from 2014 to 2017
#24 in 24 All-Star Games
Org chart topper
Northern Europe's Gulf of ___
Parts of lumber mills
Group spoiler
"Watch yourself out there"
Life on Mars?
Sales caveat
"Just between us" talk
Shelter initiative
Ring in a coffee shop
Chinese philosopher Meng-___
Revolting group
Arms provider?
Not registering with
Patronized 4-Down, say
Where TV's Flo waitressed
One might stop a marathoner
Draft pick
Reveler's cry
Sandberg at second base
Sexennial event
Longtime Yankee teammate of Sandman
Windshield clearer
Pez flavor
Short-sleeved shirt
Alternative to "?," in some listings
Held (off)
Tokyo-based tech giant
Writer/illustrator Silverstein
Figures by a float
Payroll service co.
Opening round at a game table
Language blooper
Upper crust
"I'm back"
Subject of several Spanish statues
Bill producer, for short
Covered some ground quickly?
"___ way!" (words of congratulation)
Does nothing at all for
"Planet Money" producer
Play date participant
Stern competitor, once
Possible reply to "Who's responsible?"
Neil Armstrong or Steven Spielberg, as a teen
Uplifting works
Not running small or large, in a clothing store
Stuff to collect and crunch
Warning about a racket