New York Times Crossword January 24 2020 Puzzle

Updated on January 24 2020 04:00

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Title in Colombo
Things showing dedication?
Holders of 59-Across
Sound from a subwoofer
Deity in a Hindu trinity
Size up
Does some backup dancing?
Offer comfort to
Brigham Young, notably
Lemonlike fruit
Gradually withdrawing (from)
One-named singer whose name sounds like a goodbye
Musical set on a Greek island
This is a test
Navy V.I.P.
Sucker, for short
Divisions in the N.F.L.: Abbr.
Restriction that some service animals are exempt from
John who explored northern Canada
Courtroom command
Virtual animal on a once-popular website
"Civil Disobedience" essayist, 1849
Purchases for do-it-yourselfers
Young rooster
Travel along a tightrope, maybe
Gouda alternative
Singer featured in the 2018 film sequel to 37-Down
Supreme Court justices, e.g.
Like a stereotypical teenager
Mine, to a mademoiselle
Short-term engagements
Population abbr.
Gave a darn?
Makes use (of)
That's the spot!
"My word!," in Britain
Armed conflict, euphemistically
Unexpected difficulties
Things that get hot-wired?
Going after, in a way
Get a Lyft, say
Actor Hammer of "The Social Network"
Beverages from 56-Down
Bad bedmate
Puts in a hold
Term of address for a drag queen
Interview conducted online, for short
State capital with fewer than 20,000 residents
Marked by apery
Part of a chest
Volleyball quartet?
Where to see a display of balance?
Stirred up
Royal name of Norway
"There, there"
Marriage agreement?
Ingredient in an old-fashioned
"You betcha!"
Host of the 2007 and 2014 Academy Awards, familiarly
Worker in "The 12 Days of Christmas"
Melodramatic shout of resignation
World capital NE of Vientiane
Hit 2018 film involving a gay teenage romance
Throw away
Finger-pointing activity, colloquially