New York Times Crossword January 23 2018 Puzzle

Updated on January 23 2018 04:00

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___ flow
Word with circle or ear
With 25-Down, office request
Wear away
Wait for a green light, say
Value of snake eyes in craps
U-turn from SSW
T-X connection
Subtext of Jefferson Airplane's 'White Rabbit'
Strip discussed in the Oslo Accords
Smoothed out
See 16-Across
Rules as a monarch
Royal title
Richard of 'Unfaithful'
Ricelike pasta
Relative of an épée
Rear admiral's rear
Put on TV
Pro at tax time
Place to sing 'Rock-a-Bye Baby'
Picked up on
Particular in a design
Pac-12 team
Outfit in Caesar's senate
Opinion pieces
Opening word?
Olympic sport with strokes
Nobel laureate Wiesel
Neighbor of the asteroid belt
Nashville venue, informally
Mutual fund consideration
Mork's TV pal
More sardonic
Member of a Marvel Comics group
Make black, in a way
Logo with an exclamation mark
Little rascal
Less sincere, as a promise
Leftover in a juicer
Judge Lance of the O.J. trial
It doesn't get returned
In any place
Grazing area
Fire and fury
Film editor's gradual transition
End of a line on the Underground?
Elongated, heavily armored fish
El Al hub city
Drakes : ducks :: ___ : swans
Divinity school subj
Divinity sch
Diplomat's skill
Difficult endeavor
Deep sleeps
Counterparts of compressions, in physics
Concern for a debt collector
Coins of ancient Athens
City straddling Europe and Asia
Calif.-to-Fla. route
Book after Chronicles
Bona fide
Belgrade denizen
Apt word to follow each row of circled letters
Antivirus software brand
Annual French film festival site
Anatomical canal
A narcissist has a big one
87, 89 or 93, on a gas pump
'Get serious!'