New York Times Crossword January 15 2020 Puzzle

Updated on January 15 2020 04:00

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Pronoun that can be spelled with a slash between the first and second letters
Make a record of
School founded by Thos. Jefferson
Lead-in to Man or 12
Exactly as scheduled
Full complement of limbs on a squid
Skateboarding jump
Stylish and sophisticated
Like a really good game for a pitcher, say
Drying oven
Tennis great Huber
Pageant wear
Possesses, biblically
"Take ___!"
Napoleon's marshal
"___ gratia artis"
"Kidnapped" author's monogram
Meringue ingredient
Deeply massage
Ample, informally
Smaller than micro-
Receptacle for one doing decoupage
Timeout alternative
Individual: Prefix
Nine-time P.G.A. Tour winner Jay
Slip up
E.P.A.-banned pesticide
What has a long history in ichthyology?
Knock off
Colt 45 brewer
___ campaign
Do over for radio, say
"Oh, gross!"
Corp. manager
Nothing but
River of Tuscany
Granola treat
Some early "astronauts"
Straight downhill ski run
Crafty website
Actor Rogen
Turnabouts, informally
Hold back
___ Gay (historic plane)
Veg out
Cry "Uncle!"
HBO competitor
Stand in a mall
A.B.A. member: Abbr.
Colorful spring flower
Puts up on a gallery wall
"Oh, now they're really going to fight!"
"___ che macchiavi quell'anima" (aria opener)
2020, por ejemplo
Hands (out)
Lith., e.g., once
One engaged in friendly contention
Some batteries
Burnt ___ (old Crayola color)
Engaged in foul play
Attacked with a spray
Rob of "Parks and Recreation"
Tea made with milk, sugar and cardamom
Secretly watched
Taiwan-based computer giant
Mary Stuart, for one