New York Times Crossword January 14 2021 Puzzle

Updated on January 14 2021 04:00

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Appropriate answer for this spot in the puzzle
Luau strings
Listings on a train sched.
"Out, you!"
Petrol unit
Uses a light scalpel on?
Roll call?
Not a single person on an awards show?
Subjects of some conspiracy theories, for short
Musical role for Madonna and Patti LuPone
Go down in respect
It's a laugh
Cardinal cap insignia
Unlikely to crack a smile, say
Homes for rubber duckies
Tiny bit of progress
"Have I met her?"
Relevance of text, in librarian's lingo
Olympian with eight gold medals in sprinting
"We did it!"
Brief appearance
Manorial worker
That: Sp.
Garage jobs
Power couple from Chicago
What a letter needs
Tangy chip accompaniment
Goes Christmas caroling
___ king
Years before 2020, informally
Docs treating vertigo
Micro or macro class
Stephen Curry's birthplace
What matzo doesn't do
Scale amount
Ancient unit of length
Common sources of conflict
"You can come out now"
Percussion duos?
Moves like molasses
"90 Day Fiancé" network
Have a Pavlovian response
Posed (for)
Spanish bear
House member with 11 million Twitter followers, informally
How Beyoncé was "crazy," according to a 2003 #1 hit
Can't stomach
Classic party game ... or a hint to solving the answers that intersect circles
Air Force One V.I.P.
Lover of Cesario in "Twelfth Night"
What a nod may signify
General with a dish named after him
Core features
Awesome time
___ whole
Mythical being, old-style
"You don't like what I did? I don't care"
Overwhelms, with "down"
Relative of a croc
Home of Baikal, the world's deepest lake
___ of power (common impeachment charge)
Word with express or through
Common baitfish in North American streams
and -