New York Times Crossword January 13 2020 Puzzle

Updated on January 13 2020 00:00

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Wimbledon service?
Be under the weather
1950s presidential monogram
World Cup cheer
___ of Capri
Pedal pushers
Building wing
___-Loompa (Willy Wonka worker)
In addition
Home of Milano and Firenze
Their prospects are up in the air
Chose to join
Passenger-screening org.
Added up, as a score
Company behind the Watson project
Business district in downtown Chicago
One-eighth portion
San Joaquin Valley city
Desirable, as a job
One-named hitmaker born in Nigeria
___ room (game site)
Storyteller's segue
"The deal went through!"
"Nevertheless ..."
Disney dwarf with the shortest name
Contents of a funerary receptacle
Newsman Robert, former PBS partner of Jim Lehrer
Funerary receptacle
Polish dumpling
Two-masted sailing vessel
"With this ring, I ___ wed"
Draw interest from
___ Lilly & Co.
Treasure hunter's aid
Car company with so-called "Gigafactories"
Yemeni port
Two-for-one event
Cow in classic Borden ads
Mani-___ (salon combo)
Where a cashier puts money
Cramped spot for an plane passenger ... or a hint to something hidden in 17-, 26-, 34-, 42- and 51-Across
Bread spread
Small, like Santa's helpers
D.C. insider
Big name in ice cream
"Oops, missed the deadline"
Zeus : Greek :: Jupiter : ___
Snake in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
Instrument for Billy Joel
Too much on one's plate
Overdid it onstage
KLM is a "royal" one
Check for fit
Moo goo ___ pan (Chinese chicken dish)
Reaches adulthood
Vacation relaxation destination
Cry from a crib
Three-time All-Star pitcher Robb ___
One catching morays
Dermatological sac
Plumber's tool
Latch ___ (grip)
401(k) alternatives
Letter before beta
Speaker's platform
Mountain lion
Suitable for sinking one's teeth into