New York Times Crossword January 10 2021 Puzzle

Updated on January 10 2021 00:00

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Future zygotes
Symbol on a Junction Ahead sign
In the event that
Pocket rockets, in poker
Hurtful remark
Tiny ___
Wood stain has a strong one
"The Dick Van Dyke Show" co-star
Peter of "Casablanca"
Make lemonade from lemons, so to speak
Backpacker's lodging
Folds and stretches
Yellow brick road traveler
"Let me clarify ..."
Queen Anne's royal family
Giant in fairy tales?
Common lecture length
Watered-down rum
Be left undecided
Atmospheric prefix
Send forth
Quick pick-me-up?
Prez #34
Certain security officer
Whitney for whom a Connecticut museum is named
Classic work by Karel Capek
Grammy winner Stefani
Christensen of "Parenthood"
Film character who says "That'll do, Donkey. That'll do"
Tries for a fly
"The Masque of the Red Death" writer
"With what frequency?"
Cheri of old "S.N.L."
That guy
Stick (to)
"You do it ___ will"
Like Parmesan and pecorino
Call to mind
"Pokémon" cartoon genre
Mammal's head and heart?
Video call annoyance
Base of an arch
Repeated word in Hozier's 2014 hit "Take Me to Church"
Atlanta hoopster
Alice in Chains genre
Be outta sight?
Title for a lady
Kan. neighbor
It's been performed more than 1,000 times at the Met
Overnighting option
Guy who hosts "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives"
Things Wyoming and Nevada lack
Some pricey handbags
Part of an Italian sub
Red morning sky, to sailors
Top part of an I.R.S. form
Aids for sleepyheads
Click the circular arrow button, say
Meditation sounds
Isaac's firstborn
Took another take
Sea urchin, at a sushi bar
Los Angeles port district
Participates in a mosh pit
Bombeck who wrote "At Wit's End"
___ shield
Least spicy
Things that can be closed with a zip
Makes Don nod?
Stock exchange worker
Given (to)
Potful in some Italian kitchens
Óscar ___, 1987 Peace Nobelist from Costa Rica
Like about 97% of U.S. land
"This one's all mine!"
Lavishes affection (on)
Wash. neighbor
Relatively light foundry product
Hitting the ground heavily
Result of the '64 Clay/Liston fight
Fixture whose name translates to "small horse"
Like a narrow baseball win
Loan option, briefly
___ Precheck
Boot attachment
First ruler of a united Hawaii
Like some coffee and sprains
Haiti's ___ de la Tortue
___ Schomburg, Harlem Renaissance figure
Plant used in making biofuel
Post-interruption question
"Can't you ___?"
___ Rachel Wood of "Westworld"
Word in the Declaration of Independence but not the Constitution
Quick hit
Kirghizia or Byelorussia: Abbr.
Most expensive block
London neighborhood west of Covent Garden
Quack doctor's offering
The D-backs, on scoreboards
Wedding exchange
To take this, paradoxically, might signify taking a stand
Actor/TV host Joel
"Glad to have you back, dear!"
Pin number?
Carpenter ___
Standing on the street
Supreme Egyptian deity
Beethoven title woman (whose identity is unknown)
Bouncer's requests, for short
Isn't attending solo, say
Aid for making a tiki bar cocktail
Population grouping, informally
Love, love, love
___ O's (breakfast cereal)
Really put one's foot down
Like oxfords, but not slippers
Classic saying originated by John Donne
"___ the Doughnut," children's book series
First name in flying history
Jet routes
Neaten (up)
Dental brand
What a deadline increases