New York Times Crossword January 10 2020 Puzzle

Updated on January 10 2020 04:00

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Side-to-side motion
Smack on the street, e.g., for short
Meaning of an embossed "S," maybe
"What's ___ ..."
Goddess wearing a vulture headdress
Golden State school inits.
What Vulcan was the god of
Make into mush
Premium ticket spec
Money maker
Admit defeat, in modern slang
Penguin predator
The "I" of I. M. Pei
Newsroom units
Letters on cosmonauts' helmets, once
Locale of a noted 1941 attack
Java product
Highlights collection, maybe
"Skip me"
Take umbrage at
P's and q's typer
Gradually steal
Workplaces for dets.
Article in Arles
Part of some McDonald's restaurants
Succotash ingredient, at times
Greeted someone
"Insecure" creator Rae
Puff pieces?
High winds
Mont-Saint-___ (French tourist island)
Hardware fastener
Mononymous model
Manhattan, e.g., informally
"Goodness gracious!"
One who goes through the motions?
Not as likely to hold water, say
"Sounds about right"
20th- and 21st-century artist known by his first name
Term for a group of moles
"Black Panther" genre
Capable, jocularly
TV character who went to high school for 122 years
Series ender
Gym units
Tory party symbol
Flip a top off
Tampa suburb named after a pope
Some fruit-filled desserts
Over three-fifths of its land is owned by the federal government
Leap out, so to speak
1954 Patti Page hit that begins "It was winter when you told me you were leaving"
Alley ___
Proofreader's notation
Car ad abbr.
Language suffix
In particular: Abbr.
When some contest entries are submitted, just in time
Loud and disorderly
A home in the major leagues?
Like some congressional bills
Expressive cartoon avatar