New York Times Crossword February 7 2021 Puzzle

Updated on February 7 2021 00:00

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Perón of politics
Formerly called
Laid up
It might come in a branded tote bag
The Apostle of Ireland, familiarly
Classic brand of wafers
Hip bone
Shocks, in a way
Flying ___ drop (pro wrestling move)
"___ So Bad" (Tom Petty song)
"Now it makes sense!"
Some shop tools
Attaches, as a button
Fill with wonder
Big cut of tuna
Rock song?
Physically fit
Aggressive pitch
"Oh, come on!"
In itself: Lat.
Words to learn, briefly
Elusive, in a way
Ancient kingdom in modern-day Jordan
On the safe side
Half and half?
Celebrity who holds the Guinness world record for "Most Frequent Clapper"
Covered in vines
It comes in California and New York styles
Cause of some brain freeze
Lab work
Prez with a rhyming campaign slogan
Give a start
Keeps in the loop, in a way
Channel with a lot of house renovation shows
He wrote lyrics to "My Way" for Sinatra
Legal title: Abbr.
Exaggerated kiss sound
Be more important than
Metaphor for a shared experience
"Ad Parnassum" and "Fish Magic," for two
Without concrete evidence
Filled with wonder
Active Sicilian volcano
"Bottled poetry," according to Robert Louis Stevenson
Bony fish with prized eggs
They're found around Scots
Skip the big ceremony, say
Kindle download
Shakespeare villain with more lines than the title character
Amphibians that may have toxic skin
Market launch, for short
Comes out ahead
Slice of toast?
Some clicks of the tongue
Andean empire member
One creating draft after draft?
Live broadcast no-no
Doctor's order
Like some evidence and bulbs
Long period
Bishop's jurisdiction
First Asian tennis player to be ranked #1 in singles
Like many a teenage boy's facial hair
Superman's birth name
Concern for Superman
Choose to participate
Childbirth assistant
Lucretia ___, abolitionist and women's rights advocate
It may need to be broken to move
Apt rhyme for "crude" and "rude"
New York football team, informally
Spanish dagger or Adam's needle is a variety of it
Bank investment?
Soul singer Bridges
Manual alternative
Curl target, informally
Domain for Jameson and Maker's Mark?
Noise heard during the London Blitz
Beginning and end of "America"
What a stoner actor smoked during rehearsal?
Cartoondom's Olive ___
A dance and a dip
2019 film whose title means "to the stars"
Container words
One of all fours?
Baron Cohen of film
Unflappable state of mind
Something a Parmesan vendor might offer?
Specialist publication, for short
Sunburn soother
Indiana athlete
Goes head-to-head
Czar who co-ruled with Peter I
The Rose Bowl, e.g.
Scrapes (out)
Changes topics in a debate, perhaps
Puritan's goal in 17th-century Salem?
Is stertorous
Unimaginative birthday gift
Rare race outcome
Highly skilled
Not very convincing
Target of permethrin cream
Brontë who wrote "Agnes Grey"
Inexplicably missing, say
Signal approval
Finish scooping out a big stir-fry?
Ex-Giants QB Manning
Rock band that you might think would always be an opening act, with "the"?
Flip (out)
Worry about, informally
Jane portrayer in 1981's "Tarzan, the Ape Man"
What most pens can't do
___ lecithin (chocolate additive)
Cause for celebration at a pachyderm sanctuary?
Counterparts of faunas
___ pickle
Eponymous Irish city
Accept payment from Batman?
Abacus column
Bind with rope
Portrayer of Captain Davies in "Roots"
The "O" of OWN
Not much
"Wanna hear a secret?" preceder
Trait for a ballerina
Unloading point