New York Times Crossword February 6 2019 Puzzle

Updated on February 6 2019 04:00

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Line on a receipt
News inits. since 1958
Facility at Quantico, Va.: Abbr.
Dr. of rap
___ factor
[See notepad]
Declares with confidence
One practicing self-help, informally
It might be left holding the bag
Good place to be during a blizzard
[See notepad]
[See notepad]
"Peter Pan" dog
Drinking game penalty, perhaps
Author Sholem
Carnival game with bottles
Dungeons & Dragons, for one, in brief
Alternative to a cup
Byron's "before"
"Somebody That I Used to Know" singer, 2011
[See notepad]
Notable stretches
[See notepad]
Old person, in Oldenburg
Seminary subj.
Clarify, as butter
Port up the lake from Cleveland, O.
Call to the hounds
Bygone Pan Am rival
"Awake and Sing!" playwright Clifford
[See notepad]
Runs off to a justice of the peace
Rapping sound
N.Y.C. subway letters
[See notepad]
Dainty eaters
Sch. with a campus in Providence
[See notepad]
How many feet are in a fathom
"When all ___ fails ..."
Where you might get into hot water
Nessie's home
Any of the Magi
Fight finisher
Hair-coloring technique
World Smile Day mo.
One of Donald Trump Jr.'s parents
Miley Cyrus's "Party in the ___"
Prime-time time
Comment made while yawning
Cpl. or sgt.
British bottom
Urban area
Language of the answers to this puzzle's uniclues
Many a character in Ann M. Martin's "The Baby-Sitters Club"
"Otello" and "Pagliacci"
Classify by type
Light beige
Like Ganymede among Jupiter's moons
Sound from a rowdy crowd
Dawn's direction
Underground rock
Help for a star witness?
Word of greeting
Presided over
"___ from that ..."
Give a hand to
Contribution of Gilbert, but not Sullivan
Source of some pop-ups
Russia's ___ Mountains
"Either you do it ___ will"
May honoree
Prometheus' gift
It emerges at dawn