New York Times Crossword February 5 2018 Puzzle

Updated on February 5 2018 01:00

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___-Pacific (geopolitical region)
Whimper like a baby
Was in front
Walk with a swagger
Traditional night for partying
Tight-lipped sort
Thomas ___, 'Rule, Britannia' composer
Texas landmark to 'remember'
Song for a diva
Something to click online
Side of a diamond
Revered one
Pumpkin color
Pull hard
Prefix with natal or classical
Pot's cover
Popular cold and flu medicine
Pixar's 'Finding ___'
Pie ___ mode
Pickle holder
Part to play
Parade spoiler
Ones calling the plays
One-named Irish singer
One who might follow into a family business
Nabisco snack since 1912
Multiplex offering
More secure
Mensa stats
Man's name that's an investment spelled backward
Male deer
Makeshift shelter
Like most Bluetooth headsets
Lavish praise on
It has phases that are represented by the starts of 18-, 29-, 47- and 61-Across ... and by 1-Down
Highly capable
Hangs around for
Guadalajara gold
Grape-Nuts or Apple Jacks
Give the slip
Gave some money under the table
Forcible removals, as of tenants
Fixes, as shoelaces
Fictional mouse ___ Little
Ewe's offspring
Every last drop
Ending with golden or teen
Early TV comic known for 'Your Show of Shows'
Curved Pillsbury item
Crossed home plate, say
Clarinet or sax
Civic-minded group
Bullfight cheer
Bowling target
Be confident in
Batman portrayer Kilmer
Apple on a desk
Actress Kemper of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'
Actress Falco of 'Nurse Jackie'
40-hour-a-week work
'Yeah, right!'
'The Way We ___'
'Piece of cake' or 'easy as pie'
'Hot' Mexican dish
'But I heard him exclaim, ___ he drove out of sight ...'
'Anything ___?'